Personalization Pros 2022 Meeting

June 16, 2022  |  Baltimore, M.D. 

Themes from our Discussion

The Latest DCP Landscape

Return guest speaker Tony Byrne of the Real Story Group spoke on their very latest of the CDP research. He noted that they have added marketing attribution and e-commerce stack. We also discussed Data Warehouse models are how these are not designed to be operational in real time (data in, but not out). Some are moving beyond the concept of data warehouse to Lakehouse (Google BigQuery and Snowflake). Reverse ETL vendors are trying to do this.

Content Discovery: Structure and Semantics

Cruse of simplea presented on the distinction between semantic search and recommendations powered by structure (content models, schemas, standards like and DITA) and semantics (tagging, taxonomies, ontologies, vocabularies, AI-assisted annotation).

Practically, this ties to creating different types of taxonomies: for exmaple topic taxonomies (a shared map of the concepts and terms that connect the company and customers together) and intent taxonomies (major and minor interested based on a customer journey map).

New Member: Welcome Carl!

The CPP is pleased to welcome Carl Parson as a tech follow. Carl is the director for digital data science at Sysco. He was previously product director for digital personalization and relevance for Kroger Co, a fortune 17 company, the nation’s largest supermarket chain and the third-largest retailer behind Amazon and Wal-Mart.  He led front-end development teams, as well as back-end science as a service teams that deploy recommendation sciences for over 26 million households each year, supporting 11 million unique visits to their digital properties per week.  Academically Carl has an advanced data scientist background, focusing on optimization over time under uncertainty, and prior to his current role spent 13 years supporting the United States Air Force and Department of Defense in various analytical capacities.

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The team meets with Tony Byrne of The Real Story Group to discuss some of his upcoming research.



"Creating your personalized experience in a federated environment is to engage in perfectionism about the ineffable."

– John Berndt


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