Personalization Pros 2021 Meeting

December 9, 2021 | Virtual Meeting 

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Rules vs. Intent Based Personalization

Lars discussed how Uniform is tackling personalization challenges. There is an ongoing distinction between intent-based personalization vs. rules based, as was covered in a recent article by CMS Wire. However, you can make intents out of rules, so it is difficult to compare. Mara agreed that Uniform is powerful for this.

About a fifth of brands say about 75% of the content their organizations produce for their customers is personalized. On the other side, about a fifth of respondents in the 2021 survey reported by Statista said that less than 10% of their customer content was personalized. — Dom Nicasto, CMS Wire

Keeping the “Personalization Going”

Jaina discussed the challenges of “keeping the personalization going.” There are times when organizations will feel they need to have personalization, so it’s implemented, and that’s the end of the project. Or a new CMO may come in with new definitions and ideas. This is all very normal, but a better practice is thinking about it every month with constant optimization.

Update on new work at Marigold

Amanda discussed how they are organizing their solutions at Marigold. Marigold helps marketers create unique and highly personalized experiences that make people feel seen, not sold to. They have a cool name! Marigolds are companion plants that help spur the growth of whatever they are near.

Understanding the CDP Space

John asked the group how we are getting our heads around the CDP space — are there emerging winners? Many customers gravitate to Salesforce ecosystems, but Customer 360 is a homegrown CDP that still has some gaps. Interaction studio (Evergage) doesn’t have budgets behind it that you see in Salesforce. There is an ongoing challenge in the severability of CDP platforms and decisioning engines for journey orchestration (JOE) — cost to hook the two together can itself be prohibitive / custom software.

Merging of Personalization and “Loyalty”

Colin brought up the ongoing confluence of personalization and the loyalty space. Brands increasingly want to be seen as magnets for customer loyalty, which have many advantages in light of recent pandemic “tough times.” ICF Next has been doubling down on it’s loyalty offerings and has a proprietary platform called TALLY used by many of the world’s largest hotel brands. Here is an article they wrote on this topic:

Simplification in Personalization Design

Jeff Discussed how Simplification doesn’t require bells and whistles. It requires close initial study and patterns in content and data. He talked about the ongoing need for a content model to avoid needless pittfals due to lack of simplification. 

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The team meets with Tony Byrne of The Real Story Group to discuss some of his upcoming research.

Book Corner 

The Personalization Paradox

In this book, global content strategy expert Val Swisher and senior content strategist Regina Lynn Preciado show you exactly what it takes to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

See it on Content Rules

Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less

Leidy Klotz’s pioneering research shows us what is true whether we’re building Lego models, cities, grilled-cheese sandwiches, or strategic plans: Our minds tend to add before taking away, and this is holding us back. Subtract arms us with the science of less and empowers us to revolutionize our day-to-day lives and shift how we move through the world. More or less.

See it on Amazon

How to Leverage MACH to Improve Your Core Web Vitals Score

The Core Web Vitals unique set of measurable metric points that helps you understand how fast, responsive, or visually stable your web pages are, are great pointers to building a great developer experience on the web.


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